Alissa Edwards

Alissa EdwardsI became part of the Madestrong family before Madestrong was formed. Megan has been my trainer for approximately 3 years, and in that time not only have I lost weight & gain physical strength (which I never thought about doing) I’ve gained confidence. Confidence that I really can do it! I’m doing things I’ve never done in my entire life, like running, I’ve become a runner. Just a few years ago if somebody told me I’d be a runner, I would have rolled my eyes and thought yeah right you’re crazy.

Megan has been my biggest fan, supporter and probably one of the most caring people I have the pleasure knowing. She wants her clients to succeed, and every milestone no matter how minor she celebrates with you! She has always made herself and her knowledge of nutrition and fitness available to me.

The pounds and inches I have lost with the help and Megan and Madestrong has been amazing, but the confidence and self-esteem I have gained has made me stronger than I ever imagined.


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