Be the Change

Alright folks, this one is about to get real deep up in here.  I had a late night workout, meditated afterwards, and you’re about to receive my thoughts.  I’m pissed off.  I’m sick and tired of the way things are going in my life…. Not just my life, but everywhere.  Nothing but hate on the news, terror this and terror that, judgement being passed everywhere, people saying things and doing another, friends and family getting sick and dying, loved ones leaving me.  SO MUCH NEGATIVITY EVERYWHERE.

If you know me, you know I’m the king of preaching a positive mindset.  I tell everyone how we can literally manifest our own destiny just by how we look at the world.  My recent trials and tribulations have SEVERELY tested my faith.  Sadly, they almost defeated me.  But you know what?  I’m bouncing back.  There comes a point in a man’s life where he has to look at his reflection in the mirror, and realize that what he sees is the exact reflection of his own actions. 

Let me backtrack a bit here to a week ago. My world was seemingly collapsing around me (heart break, death of friends and family, loss of money, etc) all at once.  I was meditating on the lesson that I was supposed to take from everything that was happening.  It was as if I was slapped on the forehead with the phrase, “All that you seek is within you”.   I was not ready for what it was that I had been told.  I questioned the meaning and became even angrier.  Fast forward to tonight; I was ready for the meaning.

Tragedies happen, and that’s a part of life.  They just seem to happen at those times in life where it’s as if Murphy’s Law was written about you, you know what I mean?  Other than those, everything I had been complaining about in my life was my own fault.  I became complacent with just about everything in my life;  I was living life on autopilot.  My relationship, my job, my life’s goals all suffered because of it.  I lost the woman of my dreams, work was inconsistent, I stopped trying to be a better me… and after everything went wrong, I sat there with a “woe is me” mindset.  Every single one of those could’ve been there for me had I just done what I had talked about doing.  I kept putting things off and off until they ultimately all backfired.  Man, how foolish was I?

So, here I sit on my laptop at 12:41am on a Saturday night, having about 5,000 epiphanies on how I want to get to where I want to be in life, and it starts with proactivity.   It’s time for me to work my ass off for everything that I want in life.  No more waiting around and expecting good things to come to me just because I know a thing or two about exercise.  One of my clients said it best this morning when we were discussing how to get passed her “limiting factors” in her program… “You know how life goes, Robert, it’s just easier to not do things than it is to do them”.  F’ing A, pardon my letters, she hit the nail right on the head.  I told her how nothing worth it ever comes easy, fully knowing how hypocritical I’ve been.  Not anymore; lazy complacent Robert dies tonight.  Forever.

Now, how does this tie into a fitness blog?  People never feel the heat until they get burned.  One thing you notice in the fitness industry is that 99% of the people that come to you seeking training are coming because of some kind of health scare or injury that 99% of the time was preventable via diet and/or exercise in the first place.  And I’ve heard a LOT of horrible news in these last few months about a lot of friends, family, peers, etc. getting very severe illnesses and/or dying at an incredibly young age.  What a tragedy.

How many people need to suffer until we realize “living for today” is a really, really stupid way to go about life.  I guarantee you that everyone who lives/has lived that way and has a health scare have all sorts of regrets about the poor decisions they made not thinking consequences would ever come.  EVERYTHING flashes before you… friends, family, loved ones.  Live for tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that.  The months, years, decades… There are a lot more people counting on you than you think.

We spend our whole lives destroying our health living in the moment, overworking, stressing, and then suddenly something happens that shows people they’re not immortal, and then spend all their hard earned money on regaining their health.  Why?  Why does it have to be this way over and over and over again?  Break the cycle.

You only get one body, cherish it.  Why don’t we start living proactively?  Stop eating for pleasure; nourish your body… give it REAL nutrition.

Explore the beautiful thing that is movement.  We were born capable of SO many great things with our bodies, but we didn’t practice them, and many of us lost our ability to utilize movement/strength.

Don’t sweat the small stuff; seriously, stress kills you.  “Control what you can control, and the rest is bullshit”.

SLEEP!  Your body needs rest!  Admittedly I’m a hypocrite there, but only because I haven’t been living my life in a way that would make myself proud for a while.

It starts with me; I will lead by example.  I’m going to start a movement.  I want you all to join me.  Let’s start a movement.  Let’s invite everyone to join.  Let’s make the movement move.  Let’s all evolve together into the people that we want to become.  Stop talking.  Start doing.  Stop eating crap and skipping workouts, and start loving yourself via nutrition and exercise.  Stop stressing over what you can’t control (yes it is that easy to change your mindset).  Do more of what relaxes you.  Smile and have fun. Do what you love. Love more!  Appreciate the beauty in all of life’s little things.  Now is the time to become who you want to be.


“Be the change you wish to see in this world” – Mahatma Gandhi


Thanks for reading!


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