Life and Exercise

Be the Change

Posted by Fernando Alves on June 29, 2015


Tips For Healthy Success!

Posted by Fernando Alves on December 26, 2014

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! The New Year is approaching and it is time to think about all the happiness that 2015 can bring. If you want 2015 to be your healthiest year yet, follow this list of tips I have put together; I promise they will lead you onto a successful path.



When Is The Right Time?

Posted by Fernando Alves on October 31, 2014

“Now!” Now is your time, your time to accomplish the things you have been putting off. Take “starting tomorrow” out of your mindset. Today is the day that you are going to start the path that you are destined to travel.


What I Do It For

Posted by Fernando Alves on October 22, 2014

I’m not the type of guy that can sit at a desk all day and perform the same monotonous task for 8 hours, punch out, and go home happy to provide. I am an extremely passionate person, and I don’t know how anyone else can walk around every day doing something they aren’t passionate about.


Six Lessons I’ve Learned from a Yogi

Posted by Fernando Alves on October 6, 2014

As a fitness professional one of my greatest fears is getting complacent. The moment I cease to learn is the moment that my peers pass me by. I’m obsessed with constantly learning and continuing to evolve. A goal I’ve always had for myself was to be as well-rounded as I could possibly be.


Why You Shouldn’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Posted by Fernando Alves on June 20, 2014

When I do initial consultations I am very, very thorough. I need to know anything about everything that could possibly have an impact on the way my clients move, why they’re at where they are, and how we can get them where they want to go. One of the major components that we discuss is their stress…


Setting Goals

Posted by Fernando Alves on April 20, 2014

The pursuit of happiness; everything starts with the pursuit of happiness. This is why we form our relationships with friends, family, or significant others. This is why we work where we work, and play where we play. We are pursuing happiness. I’ve always lived life by one rule: If it makes you happy, do it, if it doesn’t, don’t…