Melissa Peterson

I have had a lifelong battle with weight and food obsessions. I’ve tried more things than one person should when it comes to diets and exercise and sad to say wasn’t very successful—until I met Megan with Madestrong. Megan has changed my life dramatically by teaching me how to be successful and healthy with my food, my exercise and my mind. She makes each workout different and fun (I actually look forward to the workouts—something I thought I’d never say). She holds me accountable and gives me that kick in the pants when I need it, but also knows when I need that high five at the end of great workout. Megan said to me the first time we met, “If you make a goal, I will let not let you fail.” My journey is not yet complete but I know I will get there because of Megan and her dedication to helping me accomplish my goals. If I’d only known what an amazing journey this would be, I would have started years ago. Thank you, Megan, for all of your knowledge, spirit and dedication, you truly are an amazing person!


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