Setting Goals

by Robert Burclaw


RobertThe pursuit of happiness; everything starts with the pursuit of happiness. This is why we form our relationships with friends, family, or significant others. This is why we work where we work, and play where we play. We are pursuing happiness. I’ve always lived life by one rule: If it makes you happy, do it, if it doesn’t, don’t.

Due to recent life events I have been reevaluating my own logic. You see, when personal training, everything is extremely goal oriented. Without goals, how would you ever be happy with results? You make short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals, and you constantly reevaluate to keep up with said goals. The problem with my theory was that I wasn’t applying what I told clients to do day in and day out. I wasn’t setting goals. You see, how can you be happy with results, in this case – life, when you have no standard set to live by?

On paper, I looked like an up and comer in the fitness industry with his life all figured out. A go-getter who loves what he does, has a healthy relationship, healthy job, great friends, great family, and in great shape, but there was always something missing. Nothing ever felt like enough; I always felt like I was searching for more. Then it hit me: I never had a plan. I had no short-term, middle-term, or long-term goals. I was just living my life. I had no work related goals, relationship related goals, or fitness related goals. Sure, I had a good thing going, but had I really achieved anything?

There is no single greater feeling than seeing clients reach their fitness goals. You know just by the look on their faces that they have made a lifestyle change that is going to last forever. It gets even better from there; achieving that goal then allows you to “raise the bar,” so to speak. You achieve goals, reevaluate, set new goals, and in doing so you become stronger in mind and body. You start to see that if you work your rear-end off for something, it pays dividends, and more importantly it teaches you to stick with what works.

Stick with it. The most important aspect any new goal, whether it is exercise, or life related, is to stick with it. Far too often in fitness, or elsewhere, you see people who start something, get frustrated, and quit what they’re doing. Life has its ups and downs, and how we react when we’re down is what makes or breaks us. A few weeks ago something major came up, and I was pretty devastated. It was at this exact time that I started reevaluating my happiness theory. I started looking at what I would leave behind if I were to disappear right this instant. I came to two conclusions: Unread books and broken promises—Unread books and broken promises. I was a bit taken back by this, I thought I had made a much larger mark on this world than that. I, just like my clients, am a work in progress. Just as they to strive to meet their fitness goals, I must strive to become the man I want to be.

Here’s where it all ties together. First, the short-term goal: I addressed those unread books. I am in the process of finishing what I started. Medium-term: Strong body, strong mind, strong relationships, and to become the best personal trainer this state has ever seen. Long-term: Become the man I want to be. MADESTRONG becomes a movement, not just a business. People see our logo and they want to make themselves better. I want to continue to lead by example—Meaning that I eat cleanly, exercise hard, and live a healthy lifestyle. I want to be the best friend I can be. I want to be a loving husband and father. I want to become a fitness guru who other fitness professionals go to for advice. But mostly, I never want to start something and not finish.

Setting goals is important in all aspects of life; just remember to stick with it. Accomplishing something you’ve worked so hard for is what shows you what all is worth.

So go set some goals and pursue happiness.



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