What I Do It For

by Robert Burclaw



I’m not the type of guy that can sit at a desk all day and perform the same monotonous task for 8 hours, punch out, and go home happy to provide. I am an extremely passionate person, and I don’t know how anyone else can walk around every day doing something they aren’t passionate about. That being said, I love my clients. I really, really do. Each one of my clients has their own unique story/background, and each one of them is their own unique project. I love getting to know all of them, and I love getting to figure out the best plan of action for their unique lifestyles, goals, movement patterns, etc.. I’m constantly being kept on my toes, because each and every client has a plan of action unique to them. Of course there are some things that each and every client do, but that’s due to a system I have set in place that works very efficiently.

My clients range from both ends of the spectrum, and everything in between. From professional athletes, to people who have never exercised in their lives. There will always be the superficial goals (lose 20 lbs. before spring break), but what I truly love are the goals that run deep. Staying alive for/being able to play with kids or grandchildren, a recent health scare within the family or for one’s self, wanting to prove something to one’s self. I love those goals, because then I know I’m shaping far more than someone’s body. I’m directly impacting someone’s quality of life. Sometimes, people are personally trusting me, a 25 year old kid, with their health and well-being… and people wonder why I study so much. But when I think about how my working with someone directly impacts the quality of their lives, DAMN, that is SO powerful to me. I mean seriously, how cool is that?

If you’re doing what you’re meant to do, life has funny ways of reminding you when you’re on the right path; for me personally, it usually is an eye-opening experience or an ah-ha moment. Just recently, I’ve encountered both.

The eye-opening experience: Allow me to preface this recent event by saying that I have NEVER injured a client to date, and I ALWAYS take serious precaution when getting someone moving for the first time, especially early in their exercise programs. A new client came in with essentially a laundry list of medical issues, and a family who loved them and wanted to keep them around for a long time. Initially, I just wanted to get him/her loosened up and get them moving a bit, and in the process, we hit a snag. The client started having pains, but just today I received a phone call that inspired me to bolt straight to my laptop and write down my thoughts. I would’ve understood had my client been angry with me, or upset that everything didn’t go according to the plan we had mapped out. But that’s not what happened. The whole voicemail was just about resting/icing until they felt better, and they couldn’t wait to get back in. The voicemail went on saying how much better they felt after just two short weeks, and how energy levels are higher than in forever, and how loose their body feels. That, my friends, was my AH-HA moment today.

The eye-opener: I have a list of protocols I go through before getting a client started on a regimen (our website talks about trigger point on the front page, seriously it’s amazing), and sometimes, because I’m so used to it, I forget how awesome it truly is. I introduced another new client of mine to this Saturday morning, and ever since they’ve absolutely RAVED about the immediate benefits, and how they performed better than they ever could have imagined in their competition afterwards. He/she was so excited that they couldn’t contain it, and gave me a big hug come Monday. I was so surprised I almost forgot to hug back. Oh yeah! I’ve become so used to this process that I’d forgotten what it was like the first time I had done it myself. AH-HA!

Honestly, this post was completely inspired by my clients. Thank you all SO much for letting me into your lives, and I want you all to know how truly grateful I am that you are trusting me with your health and well-being.

Do what you love, and love what you do. That’s what I do it for. Stay awesome my friends. 🙂



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